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LETTER: Concern warranted about wastewater

I don't see how Boat Harbour can be closed in January 2020 as time sure seems to be marching on with no "new Boat Harbour" even close to being started.

The new plan so far presented seems to involve a 10-kilometre pipe out into the Northumberland Strait to discharge the wastewater.

Ten kilometres sounds like a fair distance until you get a map out and measure that distance from the mill site. The end of that pipe would be at a line drawn from Munroes Island to Sinclair Island. Any onshore breeze will blow that mess onto the beaches from Chance Harbour Eastward. The Merb would lose some of its allure.

The Northumberland Fishermen's Association has every right to be concerned as well.

An onsite closed loop system is the only option. Cost to be handled by the Mill owners only as we'll have enough problem coming up with the money to clean up Boat Harbour. There can be no "flip-flop" on the government's promise to make that cleanup happen.

Tom Miller

Green Hill

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