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LETTER: Cuts to staffing affects most vulnerable

I note in The News that Valley View Villa is reviewing its staffing level as they plan cuts to the support services at Valley View and Havenbrook. The current Liberal government is obsessed with deficit reduction, however, as usual these reductions will be thrust upon our most vulnerable citizens. These elderly citizens have been the ‘pillars’ of our communities, building a society which values all citizens regardless of their circumstances. Personally I have a relative residing at Havenbrook who served her country in the Air Force.

It’s worth reminding the administration that this is a ‘people’ business and these citizens deserve the level of support to which they have become accustomed. Whether it’s in Continuing Care for seniors or the school system for our youth, their leaders have become managers of a bureaucratic system that values administrative doctrine over personal connections.

I expect that my venting will change nothing, however, I just want to ask those making the miserly decisions affecting these folks: “How do you sleep at night?” If you truly care, make a case to save these services for what Tom Brokaw referred to as “The Greatest Generation.”

Gary Fraser

New Glasgow

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