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LETTER: Damage to strait would be considerable

The idea that dumping of effluent into the Northumberland Strait would even be considered in 2017 is unbelievable.

The lack of knowledge about the tides, direction and strength in the proposed area is shocking. The fantasy that the ocean will just take it away shows a disregard for the all species living in this sensitive area.

The area is a prime lobster fishing area. Any effluent in the Northumberland Strait will also damage the P.E.I. fishery – they fish as close as Pictou Island.

The hard-won marketing edge of producing quality lobster in Atlantic Canada will be wiped out and the New Brunswick fishing industry will go down with us, as they also border the Strait.

Lobster is not the only fishery in the Northumberland Strait, we also fish rock crab, herring, mackerel, scallops, bluefin tuna, ground fish, silversides… and recreational species.

Time for your department to step up to the plate and protect the fisheries so our grandchildren will be able to fish... because that is what the grandchildren expect to be able to do. Grampie’s boat becomes daddy’s boat becomes his boat, and this effluent dumping could wipe out the livelihood of three generations.

There is no independent monitoring of what damage has occurred from the effluent coming out of Boat Harbour – and will occur from the effluent pipe if it is built – only the observations and conversations of fishermen who work on the front line of the poison.

As it stands we in Nova Scotia feel that we are regarded by the Northern Pulp as a gullible ignorant backwater of Canada who can be duped or bought off.

Captain Wayne Thomas Noel

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