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LETTER: Dandelions a problem to allergy sufferers

Re: Editorial ‘Nature sends us a memo,’ The News (New Glasgow, N.S.), May 31.

Dandelions don’t bother everyone – but for allergy sufferers and sports enthusiasts, they can be difficult to deal with.

It’s not just dandelions that cause injuries and allergies. There are many other weeds, such as thistle, which can hurt bare feet on lawns, and ragweed, a prolific allergen that causes serious suffering.

Pesticides help protect lawns, fields, and gardens and keep them healthy. Keeping weeds and other pests under control helps alleviate allergy symptoms, keeps fields safe for sports, and protects flowerbeds and lawns.

All pesticides are stringently regulated for safety to human health and the environment. Quite simply, Health Canada only approves products that can be used safely. Provincial restrictions on urban pesticides have been politically motivated, not based on scientific evidence.

People who don’t want dandelions or other weeds on their property can feed the bees through many other excellent flower food sources. Visit for a free seed kit to grow a pollinator-friendly garden.

Pierre Petelle

President, CropLife Canada

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