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LETTER: Dredging East River would be a benefit

Your recent coverage of financial assistance for the wharves at Pictou Landing and in New Glasgow is really appreciated by all concerned.

One thing I personally would like to see is the dredging of the East River from Pictou Harbour to the Town of New Glasgow.

I was alive in the 1950s when it was last dredged and I recall the procedure as others will also. Much faster equipment is available now to do a better job in much faster time.

A snake would break its back following the river channel now! It affects the future potential of our county, with the three municipal units of Trenton, New Glasgow and Pictou County directly connected to it. Now even small pleasure craft have to wait for high tide. Just the business from pleasure craft would be an economic benefit for our county.

For companies, and future companies, to get their products to market it would be great! Do you remember when small Irving tankers used to take fuel to the former Irving bulk plant in Trenton? One of F.O. MacLeod’s early paintings shows two of my dad’s cousin’s schooners at the town wharf delivering potatoes from P.E.I.

We used to have regional development officers here as well and so you don’t see things happening as they should now. Surely our MP and MLAs can make this happen. Just imagine how this could help the sale of even our Trenton industrial buildings. This could also allow companies like I. Matheson to look at things like building watercraft, as they are on the East River.

Trenton would really see their large waterfront come to life as well. They have great potential and a large river frontage that you don’t think about.

Ask your MP and MLA to become involved as it is also their job to do so.

Lloyd P. MacKay

New Glasgow

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