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LETTER: Easter gift goes a long way

This being a unique and very special time in the calendar year, the meaning of what giving and receiving is all about has brought to a close a very special gift in the form of a $1,600 heavy duty washer.

This was raised and totally funded for the Atlantic Burn Kids and the New Campbellton Bible Camp through the generosity that was laid on each donor’s heart to supply this much-needed camp gift (paid in full).

Over the summer 400 Bible children and 20-25 burn children have once again become the recipients of people in Pictou County and some outside of town donations. Let them once again have a fun-filled summer.

To The News, spearheaded by reporter Adam MacInnis, you have helped bring this project front and centre. Thank you to J.R. Rahey’s furniture for the $100 deduction and the offer to deliver the washer to the camp at no charge at a later time.

I can’t say enough for the goodness of each individual or business that made this all possible. And this being Easter, what a time to express your monetary kindness. To each and everyone, on behalf of the ABC Burn Camp, your donation is not only appreciated, your heart was certainly supporting a great cause for these kids. Sincere thanks.

Philip MacKenzie

Volunteer canvasser for the Atlantic Burn Camp

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