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LETTER: Ensure your facts are right

It is not illegal to leave an animal unattended in your car.

But you have to make sure the ventilation is adequate and the temperature is not too high.

While on my way to take my cat to the vet June 28, I stopped to grab a few groceries. I've had pets all my life and know when it is safe or not safe to leave her in the car. It was a cloudy day, cool enough that I was wearing a jacket and I had the windows open enough for good ventilation. However, when I returned to my car there was a man and his family waiting for me. He started screaming at me, accusing me of abusing animals, saying he was calling the police, was going to smash my window, had my licence plate number so he would be on the lookout for me and other intimidating insults.

His wife and teenage daughter also took turns screaming at me while others, including a grocery store employee, stood and watched.

Not once but three times I invited him to sit in my car to prove it was not hot nor was my cat in any way in any kind of distress or danger. He refused, preferring to ASSUME my cat was being mistreated therefore traumatizing his OWN family letting them think an animal was being abused.

My husband was so upset he called the RCMP to discuss the incident. This man could be charged for what he did to me. Had I not been so upset and in a hurry to escape him and the whole situation I should have gotten HIS licence number.

People, get your facts straight, make sure your actions are warranted before you launch an all-out attack on an innocent person, in this case a 60-year-old woman. Common sense seems to be a rare commodity in some individuals, including those who watched without helping me.

Donna Niehaus


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