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LETTER: Genius minds also believe in higher power

To Your Excellency Canada’s Governor General Ms. Julie Payette, Rt. Honorable PM Justin P. Trudeau, Honorable PC Leader Andrew Scheer, Honorable NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, Honorable Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil, Honorable NDP Leader Gary Burrill, Honorable PC Leader Jamie Baillie:

Just a really simple question to Your Excellency, Governor General Julie Payette: Based on all your wisdom and knowledge Governor General Payette, I am seriously looking for a scientific explanation from you and all our Canadian Leaders as to how the grass-eating animals such as horses, cattle and deer all eat grass yet excrete that grass differently? Horses as you most certainly are aware excrete in mounds, cattle in patties, and deer in pellets.

If you can just answer this simple question, I will delve further into your viewpoint scientifically that “no divine intervention in creation of this vast universe took place! As I realize the authors and very genius minds of Albert Einstein, also of Stephen Hawking, author of “God Is In Everything,” and another American author, Neal Donald Walsch, as well as many former atheists as I once was, choose to realize there has to be a higher power than mere human’s brain power!

What the mind can conceive the mind can achieve! I prefer to think of a higher power than myself as anyone over the age of 50, which you are, and they often realize with time there has got to be more to our shallow little earth lives than just the money, power and humans who fade just as a flower or blade of grass to ashes, which we humans also dissolve into!

Thank you so much in advance, I am anticipating a brilliant response from your highly evolved and incredibly knowledgeable scientific human mind!

Victoria Ellen Courtemanche-Oliver


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