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LETTER: Get the facts on open-pit mining


People should get all the facts when considering strip mining off Cowan Street Westville.

I am not directly affected by the actual possible mining operation since I am far removed geographically, but all the people in close proximity will have their properties devalued right off the bat and the town will receive less tax revenue as a result. This means we will have fewer services or increased taxation rates. To me, we cannot afford either one.

All royalties will be received by the provincial government, not the town. As for jobs for the citizens of Westville, there will be no more working from what I can see who are now working at the Stellarton site. The Stellarton site has a finite period of time and will be winding up, from what I hear, in a couple of years.

As for the site being dangerous, there are steps taken to render the area safe for all. I am waiting word back from Nova Scotia Power to see if Westville can get the same deal Stellarton received to clear the area of biomass.

Next, I would want council to approach the provincial government to have them grant the money to the town to have seismic testing done in the area to identify any underground dangers. If there is an area identified, it could be remedied with a slurry consisting of fly ash from the Trenton generating plant. Fly ash dries to a consistency of concrete.

Seniors make up a large portion of the demographics of the town of Westville and one has to take into consideration the effects of a higher property tax rate.

What I am asking is for people not to jump to conclusions and to have an informed opinion. Someone on the pro side mentioned what the reclaimed land of the previous open pit looks like now. Well, I ask of them what use is it being put to?

Arthur Sinclair,


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