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LETTER: ‘Gift’ from downtown New Glasgow

Thank you for my parking ticket. My trip to downtown New Glasgow proved eventful.

I’m $20 shorter for my visit to the Salvation Army Thrift Store looking for treasures.

On this terribly cold day, I couldn’t find free parking, so I put money in the meter (not enough though). I left wondering why no other town has these meters. There is free parking, but that applies only to those who have no problem walking.

We all want accessibility. Businesses need public support. I wonder why amalgamation never worked – maybe it’s attitude.

To all the Tim Hortons and McDonald’s regular users, try to get a group going, once a week, take the bus service to a new location with your friends and enjoy the ride. One day we may not be able to drive. Have a good day out there.

Cathy Baker


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