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LETTER: Hate is an emotion, not a crime

Hate is not a crime, hate is a human emotion the same as love and anger. So why is love not a crime or anger not a crime? I believe these emotions are not considered a crime because the government and the left wing nut job social justice warriors cannot use them to shut down our free speech.

If you do not agree with what they say or if you have an opposing opinion your speech is automatically deemed hate speech and you must be censored, and maybe they will harass your boss and try to get you fired or maybe they will try to get you thrown in jail for daring to have an opposing view.

When the government starts to make a human emotion a crime you know you are headed for a world of tyranny.

Instead of gallivanting around the globe acting like Mr. Dressup, maybe Trudeau and his SJW cabinet in Ottawa should be concentrating on more important things instead of trying to destroy our democracy and free speech.

We had the stone age the bronze age, the iron age and now we have the age of the internet where knowledge is available to the world at the click of a button.

I fear to think in the decades to come, as humanity looks back, what they will call this age.

Andrew Fraser

Pictou Landing

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