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LETTER: Help buy an accessible van

Dear corporations, business owners, friends and community,

We have in our New Glasgow community a young lady who has spent her entire life in a wheel chair due to a mishap during her birth, resulting in cerebral palsy. This young lady is named Felicia, and she is a delight.

Felicia is unable to walk or talk and must be fed through a tube in her stomach. She squeals when she is excited or finds something funny and watches everything going on around her. Her Mom, Helen MacNeil, has the sole responsibility in providing 24/7 care and the best quality of life possible for Felicia, 23 years old, as her condition allows. Helen also has not been without health problems herself when during the care of her daughter over the many years, she suffered a serious brain aneurysm requiring the placement of a coil in her brain, which must be checked periodically.

Recently, the family van was determined by an auto repair garage to be no longer repairable or roadworthy. This is a blow to any low-income family, particularly with a quadriplegic child and often crushes the spirit knowing it is an impossibility to purchase another.

To make that goal more attainable for Helen and Felicia, a “Go Fund Me Page” has been initiated by Peter MacNeil, her nephew, which understandably has been off to a slow start due to the time of year. The family relies on the administrators of that site who take care of all aspects of this fundraising including tax receipts. We whole-heartedly thank all those for their generosity who have contributed to date.

To further help make a significant difference in this family’s life in acquiring a van, a prize bingo is being held from noon to 3 p.m. April 28, 2019 at Summer Street Ind. In order to have a successful prize bingo afternoon, we respectfully request the assistance of the community, and businesses. The team of volunteers are hopeful you can assist us by providing suitable prizes for a memorable and fun experience for the participants in this important event. The details of the Prize Bingo Night will be announced at a later date. Anything you can do to make the prize bingo a success we thank you and greatly appreciate all prizes and donations more than words can say.

We ask all contributors to provide their names and town, and those with businesses are also asked to provide your name with their prize donation so we can acknowledge their support during The Prize Bingo.

For more information, pick up of prizes or donations, please contact: 902-923-2669, 902-759-4564 or 902-695-5785.

Vera Lynn MacNeil,

New Glasgow

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