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LETTER: In the grand scheme, it's all preventable

Another year has gone by... another Day of Mourning, April 28; Westray Memorial, May 9; and Davis Day is approaching on June 11.
These dates are significant here in Nova Scotia because they represent great tragedy, loss, endless pain, suffering and unconscionable injustices. And it is all preventable.
At each of these events, each and every year, the appropriate people put solemn, concerned expressions on their faces, recite some sobering facts and numbers, bemoan the terrible loss of life and health and pledge to do their utmost to make things better, to make change happen. Then, after their three- to five-minute speech, they go home to their healthy and happy families and... they do nothing! So hollow! So depressing!
Please, please stop talking and start doing! Start by making the Westray Bill and its implementation an election issue.

Allen Martin,
Riverton, N.S.

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