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LETTER: Keep a distance from the moose

Congratulations Pictou County on demonstrating the utter lack of intelligence and common sense you so obviously possess in regard to conducting yourselves properly around wild animals.

I understand the draw and appeal of a moose in the vicinity, the excitement of searching for and seeing it. I, myself, was thrilled to have seen him, from a safe and respectable distance.

But when you conduct yourselves as abhorrently as you have during this latest occurrence, I could only wish there were some form of punishment, a large fine perhaps, for the way you've behaved. 

I'm referring to the individuals who have flocked to the area and felt the overwhelming urge to approach the moose, to allow their children to try to approach it, to chase it, to trespass onto other's properties to get closer to the moose. 

Have you forgotten that this is a large wild animal? That it does not fear humans and that it will charge you if provoked? That it has the potential to cause you serious harm?

The worst part of this is that if one of you overly intelligent individuals got hurt, it would be the innocent moose who would pay the ultimate price.

I'm disgusted with your conduct and with the fact that you will not face any punishment for your behaviour. 

Whoever said human beings were an intelligent life form obviously hasn't paid much attention.

Sarah Norris

New Glasgow

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