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LETTER: Let’s keep it clean all year

A writeup in The News this past week about Go Clean Get Green was very good.

But I ask you is this good for only a couple of weeks of the year? When I look out my kitchen window having my morning coffee what do I see every morning but Tim cups and McDonald’s wrappers along with other garbage on our street, and this goes on all year long, winter and summer. What gives people the right to throw their garbage on other people’s property? Would they throw it on their own property?

Now I give a big thank you to all the groups and schools for doing a very good cleanup every spring. But I also think it is time to put a deposit on coffee cups and other fast food items that get tossed out on our street and highways. When you drive on our highways what do you see at the on and off ramps – coffee cups and all kind of other items as well as green bags of garbage along with other small bags that people are too lazy to put in a garbage can when they are at gas stops and fast food outlets.

There are a lot of people out there who do not give a darn about go clean get green. So the rest of us will have to pick up after them. A big thank you to the schools and groups that do a very good job every spring.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow

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