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LETTER: Need better laws on ATV manufacture

Can you imagine six killed on ATVs in about a month’s time? Our sad loss in Pictou West will never be forgotten.

These ATVs are a lot of fun but just are not safe to operate at times. Where is our Canada Safety Council, where are the safety reports, what happens to the RCMP reports? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see most don’t even have a roll bar on them in the event of a rollover. Some of the new machines like side-by-sides do have a type of roll bar that are acceptable.

Certainly you can’t lift 400 to 800 pounds off you and if you are alone when it happens all you can do is pray someone will be along. You can’t survive long as you suffocate. With a roll bar at least you would have a chance.

Why do we allow these unsafe machines to operate under few controls? How do the manufacturers get away with it? Governments can make it mandatory, with no sales of the products in Canada unless the machines have roll bars!

Why don’t families sue the manufacturers or take class against those companies that sell unsafe ATVs?

If we can get laws in place for safety I suggest it be called the Bauer J. MacIsaac Law in his memory.

Lloyd P. MacKay

New Glasgow

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