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LETTER: Opposed to the carbon tax

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I'd like to think I am a fairly intelligent adult. Here are a few questions/observations regarding the Trudeau/Liberal carbon tax, forcibly imposed on Canadians.
First of all, we're in the third week of collections. That being said, my truck still burns gas, and runs about the same. We, almost everyone, are being punished for supporting our Canadian economy and fellow Canadians in our community.
Fact) I am encouraged to purchase a vehicle daily, so if I buy a new truck for my family from the local dealer, I am penalized for six to eight years for purchasing fuel for it. Let's not forget the regular oil change, tires, etc., made by Canadians, and manufactured using fossil fuels. Again, it's my fault.
Fact) I have an oil furnace from Irving, which I heat my home with (primarily). I am penalized again for purchasing furnace fuel from a local supplier. Again, supporting local jobs. I also have two heat pumps to help with the home's efficiency, but now, I am using more kilowatts, so my power bill is higher. Ah, but since Nova Scotia is still in the stone age, we are burning coal (again, not my fault) so we are taxed on the emissions from that. We here in stone age Nova Scotia, are not allowed to be off the grid of NSPC, so we're hand-cuffed.
Fact) Nova Scotia's topography, along with the gulf stream sustained winds, make our province the ideal environment for sustainable wind power on a grand scale. So instead of promoting wind generated power to eliminate coal/oil, we sit on our hands (which are again), cuffed behind our backs.
Fact) We'd all like to have a recreational toy, be it a boat, off-road side-by-side, RV. Well if we purchase one, to support our local businesses, we are penalized for doing that.
Fact) Keeping my home in some degree of repair requires paint, building supplies, etc. Again, we pay for the "luxury" of maintaining to keep our sky-high insurance policy in place.
I think you get my points. Oh well, I'll go to work tomorrow, taking a longer route because the potholes on my regular path cause me to burn a few more fossils just to keep my job.
As I write this, gasoline is $0.10 more per liter than it was two weeks ago. My money gives me less, but my truck has to travel the same distance to get me to work.
So, Mr. Trudeau, I am an average Canadian, who is being robbed in plain view, and your imposed fine for contributing to my community by supporting my friends and local businesses has done nothing to reduce emissions. That's OK, October is coming.

Mike Shindruk, 
Thorburn, N.S.

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