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LETTER: Pipe represents clear and present danger

Theres an ever-growing awareness of the consequences of Northern Pulp not having to deal with factory waste. In years past, the effects from the mill operations were experienced as far away as Saint John, N.B. The proximity of the proposed outfall to all local sea water makes it a clear and present danger to everyone in the Northumberland Strait area, everyone with a stake in all aspects of life here – health, enjoyment, pride, property values and thousands of tourist and most, if not all, fishery owner/operations.

Is it because pulp is not a viable industry unless they can pawn off operational expenses onto an uninformed public. Is it by draining waste into the strait – theyll be able to skim off even higher profits? It was a pleasant surprise to hear P.E.I. Premier Wade MacLauchlan weigh in on everyones behalf! Will there be more elected representatives stand up on everyones behalf?

One thing is certain – theyll never dare suggest we settle the situation through a public vote. Northern Pulp may view us as backward Maritimers, but were good at math – 90 million litres per day works out to be over 1,040 litres per second. Thats a furnace tankful every second!

Theyll be raising the only thing that matters – their corporate bottom line, simply by lowering a different line through the harbour and dumping their expense costs on all of us.

At present, we like our ocean water just fine, same as we like our orange juice – no pulp.

Thomas Rogers

Cape John

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