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LETTER: Political stage reserved for elites

What type of premier do you want running Nova Scotia?

The right person for the job? … or the winner of a “Pay to Play” lottery?

A Progressive Conservative Party leadership hopeful recently sent out an appeal for donations to help secure his bid. To quote the email:

“Next week the PC Party will release the paperwork all potential candidates will need to fill in to officially join the leadership race. The entrance fee is $30,000. The application will require an immediate payment to the Party of $5000. Your support of $10 or more helps me get in the race.”

It costs $30,000 to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Nova Scotia?

Wow! Let’s review this issue using a little common sense.

Almost half of Nova Scotians don’t make that much in an entire year!

This sets a stage reserved only for elites. Only those with the biggest donors have a possibility to lead the party. The average person is excluded from that opportunity.

In contrast, the Atlantica Party of Nova Scotia is committed to remain the common-sense party for all Nova Scotians.

Later this year, the Atlantica Party will be holding their first leadership race. However, our belief based on common sense is that every person should have a chance to be nominated. This is why our Constitution contains a clause that allows leadership nominees to simply hold a minimum 1 Year Membership with The Atlantica Party Association of Nova Scotia.

The cost for this is only $15 – representing a $29,985 difference over the status quo parties.

We are currently accepting nominees for Leader of Atlantica. Information about the party is available on Facebook and at

Bill Archer,

Official spokesperson for the Atlantica Party of Nova Scotia

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