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LETTER: Polling station lacked accessibility

On Tuesday I did my civic duty (as I have for every election since I reached voting age) and went to my polling station to cast my vote.

As someone who has been confined to a wheelchair for over 14 years I was happy to see the “wheelchair accessible” symbol on my voter information card. But once I was past the button-activated automatic door of the church hall where the polling station was, my elation soon disappeared. Chairs in the hallway leading to the polling room had to be carefully manoeuvred around and the polling room itself was a cluttered mess of too many large tables and two polling booths set far back into corners to provide some semblance but rendering them totally inaccessible to someone in a wheelchair with a 42-inch turning radius. Major fail!

Here’s some commonsense advice for those in charge of making things accessible – consult someone in a wheelchair!

John Yorke

New Glasgow

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