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LETTER: Poor design makes intersection hazardous

Weekday mornings, I head down the Trenton Connector toward Trenton and make a left turn at the lights heading away from New Glasgow.

I've had several near misses. The vehicles were heading towards me from Trenton. At first I blamed myself – pay attention. I was wrong. When you are sitting in the centre lane waiting to turn left, away from New Glasgow, and facing a vehicle in the centre lane waiting to turn left towards New Glasgow, oncoming traffic is hidden. Let me say that again. Oncoming traffic is invisible for perhaps five seconds. The Connector from Trenton approaches the lights uphill with a left bend about 150 feet or so before the lights. Car, trucks, coal trucks all disappear if the centre lane has a car sitting waiting to turn left.

I have been in touch with Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Department about this serious design error. They did that government thing – promise to check into it. No reply so far.

My solution is simple. I will not turn left with a car facing me from the centre lane.

The department has several choices. Realign the road. Convert to a roundabout. Add an advance left turn to the lights. Pick one – just do it. Now.

Robert McMillan


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