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LETTER: Province on dangerous path

Over the past few months Nova Scotia students, families and teachers have been pushed around by Stephen McNeil.

Under the lack of leadership from this government, we saw the first teachers strike in Nova Scotia history. McNeil failed to listen to teachers’ concerns, leading us down this dangerous path to imposed contracts and failed negotiations. You would think that after 12 years in opposition and four years in government, the premier would know how to deal with and fix this issue. Clearly, that was not the case. We have good teachers and smart kids, but Liberal and NDP governments have now squandered eight years of our teachers’ and students’ opportunity to perform to their potential.

I see a province where a PC government works with families and teachers to improve our education system. As a father I, like you, have lived with and listened to the issues. We all know our teachers do not have enough resources to meet the dynamic needs of the classroom. Under our plan, we want to make sure every child reaches their full potential and that our teachers are supported. To do this, there must be changes that ensure students are meeting expected learning outcomes and acceptable behaviour standards. Responsibility must also be given back to our teachers to fail students not meeting these outcomes.

We need our students ready for the world – they are my focus.

Tim Houston
PC Candidate for Pictou East

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