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LETTER: Remarkable care in trying experience

I would like to share my recent experience at the Aberdeen Hospital. My family and I were faced with a traumatic situation and ended up at the emergency department. We were all a total mess and we were treated with compassion and respect. We were well informed every step of the way.

The care my family member received was remarkable. It seemed that the entire staff was there going above and beyond to save my family member’s life. I truly believe if it wasn’t for this care this story could have ended very differently.

I myself have sat in the emergency department with a bad flu or throat infection, etc., and complained about wait times. I ask that next time you are there think about what goes on behind those doors. It’s not that your issues are not important it’s just that this is an emergency department. And when an emergency hits they devote all their resources to saving lives.

My family has a very different outlook now. I hope this letter gives people a different perspective on this vital service in our community.

In closing I want to thank everyone involved, from paramedics, Life Flight staff, respiratory therapists, nurses, doctors, the support staff for their acts of kindness. I am sure I missed someone. Our family will be forever grateful for all you have done for us.

Paul MacLean


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