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LETTER: Remembering start of Shepherd’s Lunch Room

I would like to congratulate the Shepherd’s Lunch Room on 25 years of service and the great workers and volunteers.

I will always remember Carol Cadeau coming to the Town of New Glasgow suggesting we needed a lunch room to serve those in need. I asked Carol, do you think we really need one? Carol assured me there was a need and I was asked to help in Carol’s attempt to start a lunchroom.

Carol held organizing meetings with wonderful volunteers. One of the meetings, we were able to get one of the workers from, I believe, Hope Cottage in Halifax. A priest, he’d formerly worked in upstate New York running a lunch room for the poor. He said all they had to do was order the food and the church paid the bill!

That sure changed fast when he came to Hope Cottage, as you had to get the food the best way you could. Many a time their cupboard would be nearly bare. He said he had a wonderful Christian lady working and she would remind him, God will provide, and that he needed more faith.

She would say if we don’t have a main meal we always have lots of bread, peanut butter and jam, and no one would go away hungry. One day he recalled they had no main meal and they were in the middle of a snowstorm. Just then they had a call from a catering company asking if they could use 200 meals, as a wedding reception was cancelled. He was reminded by his assistant he needed more faith, as God would provide. And provide he did!

Another day things looked bad and two fisheries officers arrived with five salmon that two fellows had poached and asked if they could use them. Another sermon from his assistant, and they would laugh, but how true – God did provide.

He reminded us not to turn anyone away. He reminded us they have a donation box and if anyone wants to donate they can. I always remembered this talk. You too can go to the Shepherd’s Lunch Room, it is open for you as well, and if you have some spare money you can leave it in the donation box.

I would like to see Carol Cadeau receive a medal from the Queen or the Canadian government for her help in getting our Shepherd’s Lunch Room. Carol did move back to Quebec or Ontario with her family and was battling cancer. Maybe someone will remember her and her family and see she is honoured as a special person doing God’s work. Perhaps our MP could make the presentation in Ottawa.

I do hope she and her family are doing well.

Lloyd P. MacKay

New Glasgow

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