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LETTER: Return religious content to the airwaves

To the Editor,

I write this letter over concern that CKEC has been, or is being, “secularized,” which means that religious content is being removed. 

Last Sunday morning I, as usual, tuned into CKEC FM 94.1 and was met by a wall of silence – blank air. I was disturbed by this. My aged and “shut-in” mother Kay and I, as her caregiver, almost always listen to the local churches providing a message of hope (through one or another church and pastor) each Sunday morning. And this morning it was absent.

I don’t know who is responsible for this, but that person, persons, company or corporation should bear this in mind. The removal of religious life in general was performed in Nazi Germany and in Communist Russia (the USSR) and we are all familiar with what subsequently happened in those societies. I needn’t embellish. 

Furthermore, in our little corner of the world, despite being a close-knit, small community, churches provide the much-needed (and virtually absent) mental health support that spiritual growth and awareness can and does provide. 

As Christians we must “love God and love one another” as instructed by Jesus when he was asked by the Apostles which of the Ten Commandments is the most important. And love is certainly what we need in these uncertain times.

Additionally, Christians are not averse or overly critical of other faiths. All faiths share the same goal; that we live peacefully in a world where sharing is the rule, not the exception and where our faith can be expressed openly and to the betterment of all people.

As Christmas approaches and the commercialism begins to overwhelm the true message of Christmas (love one another) I hope those responsible at CKEC 94.1 for this very unpopular and irresponsible action, will reflect and think a bit more empathetically about the effect they are having on so many people. These folks need to hear the words of faith, even by chance, as they search the airwaves, perhaps looking for something more than the secular world can offer. 

Please think about restoring the programming for the good of our beloved community here in Pictou County.


E.M. Wilson


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