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LETTER: Right and left miss the question

Re: 'Made-in-Ontario fix is in for N.S. education", in the Feb. 13 edition of The News.

Reading left-leaning commentator Jim Vibert in another left-of-left source – The News – is like any other day. What is not is his citing of what he calls "the right-leaning Toronto Sun" and " the Fraser Institute, another right-of-right source." One assumes approaching extreme right in the case of the Fraser Institute and that "right-leaning, in the case of the Toronto Sun (with the addition of "another" in reference to the Fraser Institute), was not quite "right” enough.

While the odd is sometimes useful in attempting to support an argument the greater oddity is who it is used against. In this case the current right-leaning provincial Liberal government, as opposed to our current left-leaning Conservative opposition.

Outside of marvelling at why these six mentioned parties collectively wonder why so many of us do not bother to vote there are broader questions. To remain in context the most salient question is why these establish(ed)(ment?) left/right print media outlets are considered more worthy of protection than the fledgling left/right digital/social media outlets. So worthy that continued consideration is being given to financially propping up that old print media while simultaneously considering how to tear down portions of the still emerging digital/social media.

It is as if a steady diet of left/right established media is somehow superior to a steady diet of left/right new digital/social media. The real question is what power does the established media yield over/for government, what government is more receptive to their message and why?

Al Muir


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