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LETTER: Signage at courthouse is an improvement

I'd like to update the piece I wrote previously on the courthouse doors in Pictou, which were raised as an issue at the September meeting of Let Abilities Work Partnership Society.

At that time, although the rear entrance was properly equipped with power assists, the large and heavy front doors presented a significant challenge for growing numbers of seniors and others with mobility disabilities among the people from all over Pictou County needing to attend and be served there with regard to matters held in our Supreme Court, Provincial Court, Family Court, Small Claims Court, Probate Court or to visit the Sheriff's Office.

The Let Abilities Work Society felt that the building’s front door's accessibility should still be addressed. As its official address as advertised to the public is ‪69 Water Street, there should at least be signage at the door directing those who need it to the back entrance.

The good news I am happy to report is that following that piece in the paper, I received two phone calls from my good friend Raymond Gregory (better known as 'Labman'). The first call was to inform me that he is building caretaker at the courthouse and would be arranging suitable accessibility signage for its front entrance. His second call was to advise that the work was completed. I've checked it out and it looks good.

Great job, Labman!

Ralph Ferguson, Director

Let Abilities Work Partnership Society

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