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LETTER: Statement from Jonathan G. Dean

To the electors of Nova Scotia

As has been reported I am leaving the Atlantica Party effective Wednesday. I had remained fully committed until several internal incidents occurred rather quickly just before the end of the year that caused me to reconsider my involvement. This has not been an easy decision. My wife Lynn and I prayed about it and we received clarity. The best thing for all is a fast-clean break. I have made the decision. There it is.

My political ‘career’ started over 10 years ago: giving speeches in public spaces in downtown Halifax, talking with people on the streets and in coffee houses, writing and promulgating exciting new policy ideas, meeting with thousands of citizens, taking part in numerous formal and informal debates, founding and leading two political parties, fundraising, travelling to all parts of the province, knocking on thousands of doors, running in three provincial elections and several byelections, doing many media appearances (one high point being escorted out of CTV’s televised Leader’s Town Hall after being denied participation) and talking with one and all in social media. All for one purpose: to show people the vision of a transformed Nova Scotia. A province ready for the 21st century and beyond, a province that is an example for the rest of Canada and the world.

I have always believed we need to disrupt politics here in Nova Scotia; disrupt the politics of self-interest, disrupt the politics of mediocrity, disrupt the politics of the status quo. Nova Scotia is having an existential crisis; we cannot continue the current trajectory we are on. Nova Scotia is circling the drain. Nova Scotians know this but are helpless to do anything about it.

How can we change this? We need two things. A majority in the legislature and visionary leadership with the will to take the actions needed to bring hope to Nova Scotians. Actions to:

Fix the finances of the province.

Create a prosperous ‘have province’ that our kids and families can move back to.

Make a strong and true democracy where the citizen really does have the final say.

Encourage Atlantic Canadian solidarity to offset the dominance of Upper Canada.

This is the hope for Nova Scotians. I will continue to fight for this hope.

I would love to connect with you. You can contact me directly at this email:

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Jonathan G. Dean

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