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LETTER: Story telling leads up to vote

Now that the provincial elections is well under way and signs are littering the landscape and the candidates for all parties are out in full knocking on doors as well phone calling from their campaign offices…

Now the story telling begins of what they are going to do for the taxpayers of Nova Scotia if they get elected to office.

So just what are we going to get out of this election after the vote is in? Will it be the same as the McNeil government has put us through over the last 3 1/2 years? Draining the bank for unneeded things and not looking after health care and the teacher and the schools as well the twinning of the highway across the province and always saying that is what the people want. Well I for one was never asked what I wanted nor was anyone in my family.

So I guess the story telling will go on until we vote and that is when we will get our say. But I would say that it is time for a change to a party that will work with and for the people of Nova Scotia and get things done. For a lot of promises are being made of one kind or another. So keep tuned folks and listen to all the storys that are being told and just maybe we will hear the right one. One never knows.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow

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