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LETTER: Strong voice there for Pictou County

The motivation for my letter today came after reading, for the second time, a comment made by the recently returned home and more recently nominated Liberal candidate for Pictou Centre.

The Liberal candidate insinuated that “our community,” whether that be Pictou Centre or Pictou County as a whole, has not had a “voice” in government since 2013. I take exception with that comment. I can say unequivocally that Pictou Centre is well represented. Pat Dunn is our strong, respectful, informed and persistent “voice” of Pictou Centre.

I would suggest that if the Liberal candidate doubts the strength of Mr. Dunn’s voice that he talk with a teacher, almost any teacher in our province, and I am sure they will share with him the appreciation they have for the “voice” of Mr. Dunn. Whether it refers to the latest education fiasco, doctor shortages, long wait times for surgery, lack of mental health facilities, too few rehab centres for those who are dealing with either alcohol or opioid addictions, limited affordable housing, ongoing issues with WCB, Mr. Dunn is and has been our strong voice here in Pictou Centre.

Now I will give the Liberal candidate the benefit of the doubt and say that if he should be referring to the fact that the McNeil Government seem to be turning a “deaf ear” to the voices coming from Pictou County, I cannot disagree with this.  But don’t believe for one minute that the “voices” of Karla MacFarlane, Tim Houston and Pat Dunn are not resounding within the walls of our Provincial Legislature!

I invite any member of the community to drop by the MLA’s office at 342 Stewart St. in New Glasgow or call 902-752-3646 if you have any issues that you feel you need assistance with. I’ve no doubt you will be impressed by the welcoming and prompt response you will get from the Honourable Pat Dunn’s constituency office like I was.

Jean Murray

New Glasgow

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