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LETTER: Tax changes will kill jobs

The Trudeau Liberals are about to force through a massive tax grab.

Oh, sure, they want you to believe that it’s all about ‘sticking it to the rich’ but that’s just not the case. 

Our doctors are not tax cheats. All businesses are not set up based on “tax loopholes.” Tax cheats and tax evaders must be targeted and stopped. Do that. Don’t label every professional and business as a cheater. 

Think of what is happening like this: Everyone stops at red lights. But, let’s say you want to go right. You stop, then proceed. Are you a cheater? No. You are following the law. It’s sad that the prime minister is calling everyone that turns right a cheater. So much for sunny ways.

But let’s talk substance. What will these changes do?  Simply put, these tax changes will kill jobs, hurt our economy, drive doctors out and hurt health care. If you work for a small business or will ever need a doctor, these changes are not pointed at someone else, they are pointed at you.

Our economy is a rich combination of business owners and employees. Business owners have no guarantees and could lose their homes. Employees earn their wages and sometimes other benefits. We need both and both must pay a rate that reflects their risk. We need a system that encourages choice. Some choose to run a business, others choose to be employees but each has a fair choice.

These changes take away choice and will discourage entrepreneurship. For me that is the scary bottom line. The details reveal sinister changes that, amongst other things discourage families from passing their business to their children.

These changes will hurt our province. 

I urge our MP, Sean Fraser, and our premier, put party politics aside and stand with Nova Scotians.  I hope they do.

Tim Houston

MLA, Pictou East

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