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LETTER: Taxi bylaws for county overdue

I read in The News this past week that Trenton council is looking into and reviewing the bylaws for taxis and hoping to create a regional taxi bylaw that cover all of Pictou County if adopted by all five municipalities.

Now as one who has watched the taxi service here and around town and in the county I would never take a taxi. And here are some of the reasons for that. Some of the cars used look like they are ready for the scrapyard, both dirty on the outside as well as on the inside. And some have worn out tires and windshield wipers.

Some of the drivers dress in T-shirts and jeans and are smoking both inside and outside their cars. And in watching drivers doing pick-up at different times they never get out to help anyone with parcels, with a good number of them being seniors, and they never open a door for anyone who has a disability.

Yes, I would say it is time that there is a bylaw passed by all municipalities to clean up the taxi service here in Pictou County for a bylaw is far overdue. For if a taxi company is offering a service to the public they should be neat and clean and have clean cars and not be smoking but helping their customers with parcels and opening doors for senior and the ones with a disabilities. And that is the way I see it folks thank you and have a good day.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow

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