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LETTER: Things look great in Pictou County

Dear Pictou County I recently returned from a visit to my birthplace in Pictou County (Eureka) after an 11-year absence and would like to commend the residents of the county on how friendly and welcoming they still remain, how well they maintain their properties and how great everything looked. It was a real treat to be “home.”

A special, “shout out” to the Town of Stellarton on how much the appearance of Main Street has improved. I also think the idea of decorating the fire hydrants is a real winner, I don’t know when they were done the first time but I did take photos of them at the time.

It’s unfortunate that the towns can’t get together on amalgamation and work together to cut the costs associated with redundancy. After this visit I entertained the thought I might return to spend my golden years but when I looked into buying a modest home in New Glasgow and found out the tax bill was nearly $5,000 per annum (and rising I’m sure), not to mention heating costs, I quickly concluded that maybe Vancouver was not the most expensive city in Canada in which to live.

Thank you and all the other Nova Scotians I encountered (with one exception at Keltic Lodge Pro Shop) for your wonderful hospitality and keeping the province looking its best!

Don MacKay

White Rock, B.C.

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