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LETTER: Time for common sense

Here at the Atlantica Party we’re willing to bet that the Daylight Saving Time (DST) switch-over disturbed you in some way, and that you’re not too happy with government stealing your last hour of beneficial sleep.

This twice-a-year time change is on Atlantica Party’s wish list of annoying things to abolish. With modern life and everything running from our cellphones, including our refrigerators, we don’t need DST, suggested as joke by Benjamin Franklin in 1784 because he had to write using candlelight, and promoted again in 1800s by a New Zealand bug collector who wanted longer daylight hours.

But more than that, nowadays there is ample evidence to suggest that DST affects our health in negative ways. People are more prone to heart attacks and strokes, mental illness, there’s sleep deprivation, and automobile and pedestrian accidents increase. Of course, all increased costs fall on businesses and taxpayers.

We think Nova Scotia could follow the example of Saskatchewan, the only province that doesn't adjust DST in a big way (just one small geographical location gets adjusted).

The Atlantica Party executive

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