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LETTER: Tire recycling has pluses over burning

Last Wednesday, I attended a meeting in Stewiacke organized by community members concerned about the Liberal government's decision to allow tire burning at the Lafarge cement plant near Brookfield.

This is not the first time citizens have fought this fight. A decade ago, people in the area resisted a similar plan to introduce tire burning as a way for the company to save fuel costs.

The difference? Back then, there was no provincial recycling program for tires. Today, not only is there such a program in existence, but it's one that is wide-ranging in the applications of its products, and considerable in the number of people it employs.

Why the Liberals would reverse their 2007 position against tire burning, threaten the viability of a home-grown business that provides a quality service in our province, and turn their backs on a host of unanswered environmental questions, is utterly dumbfounding.

I can only think they must have expected that in the middle of July, the public would not take much notice of what they've repeatedly downplayed as a "pilot project."

Fortunately, this can be added to the list of things on which they're wrong.

Gary Burrill

Leader of the Nova Scotia NDP

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