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LETTER: Trump not the only problem

Previous U.S. Presidents have bankrupted the treasury by engaging in numerous unnecessary wars and military actions since the Second World War.

American corporations have outsourced millions of industrial jobs and know-how to Asia, particularly to China, in the unconscionable pursuit of maximum profits at the expense of the American worker – all desperately looking for jobs that no longer exist on our Continent.

American and Canadian politicians are addicted to free-trade policies that leave our cupboards empty and our children hungry.

The American black youth of today, tragically, commonly grows up in a dysfunctional family, obtains a poor education and finds himself desperately trying to scratch out an existence by selling drugs to the white middle and upper classes. By the time the young black reaches 30, he has often and tragically either been jailed for life or murdered in failed drug deals.

In the U.S., guns number in the hundreds of millions and are used by Americans to kill other Americans or themselves as their weapon of choice in suicides.

Both Congress and the Senate are totally beholden to powerful lobbyists but not to the American people. Every major candidate for the U.S. presidency in the last three elections has had to raise over $400 million to run. Their loyalty is to the financial contributors to their campaigns and not to the public.

Morris Givner, Halifax

Professor of Pathology (Ret.) and Associate Professor of Medicine (Ret.),

Dalhousie University

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