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LETTER: Unhappy with radio station changes

To the editor: 

As most Pictonians know, there has been a recent change in ownership of the New Glasgow radio station ECFM 94.1.

Until recently, and for many years, ECFM 94.1 (CKEC) was owned and operated by Mr. Doug Freeman. Mr. Freeman was a competent radio operator who was very community minded and knew what Pictonians wanted from their radio station. The new owner has other ideas and apparently felt they knew better and set out to change “our” station.

The first thing to go was the noon-time list of obituaries. County residents depend on this service to know which of our families were suffering bereavements so we could pay our respects in a timely manner. Discontinued.

Next, the Sunday church service. This service was important to many members of our community, especially seniors and shut-ins who cannot get out to weekly church services. Discontinued.

Then the hourly newscasts of national and local news. Discontinued.

This was all replaced by endless music and little else except repetitive announcements that we are listening to Pictou County’s official station. Official? Really? Well, not me. Not any longer!

Despite being an ECFM 94.1 listener for many years, there is nothing there for me to listen for now. I have switched to the station from a neighbouring town. I find this station interesting and entertaining and they do carry a lot of Pictou County news, even our obituaries.

In closing, I would like to thank the announcers of our previous station for their service to the residents of Pictou County. A special thanks to Don MacKenzie and Rod MacKie who became almost like members of our families. You helped to brighten our days and made the New Glasgow radio stations worth listening to.

Bob Hanes,

New Glasgow

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