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LETTER: WCB needs accountability

The letter (Oct. 13) from Stuart MacLean, WCB CEO, underscores the complete lack of accountability by senior corporate officials.

The Supreme Court in the Oxford Frozen Food case neither stated nor implied the WCB acted with the “best of intentions” by developing a plan to circumvent a Tribunal decision by using its authority to create policies rather than submitting an appeal to the Courts of Appeal.

The actions of the CEO and senior management, the WCB Internal Appeals Dept., the Chair and WCB Board of Directors demonstrate why our association has been calling for a formal inquiry and overhaul of the WCB. It is likely this is not the first time WCB officials have influenced the decision-making process.

The outcome of numerous decisions and policies were likely pre-determined by WCB corporate officials in a similar manner.

  1. officials should not be protected from civil liability for actions and omissions made in absence of good faith. Our association strongly supports the legislation introduced by Pictou Centre MLA Pat Dunn to limit the immunity from suit protection for WCB staff persons.

Mary Lloyd, President

Pictou County Injured Workers Association

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