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LETTER: We have a lot to be thankful for

With the year 2017 now passed into history we have a few things to thankful for – with one being this past Christmas season with the wind storm that passed over us on Christmas Day. Power was off for well over most of the province. And then a lot of family went without a hot Christmas dinner and then had to go to some place where it was warm so they could get warmed up and have a hot drink.

And then there was the storm between Christmas and New Year’s that put another strain on our power lines with trees being blown over and down and across the power lines, putting the power out again for many folks across the province. And then there was the cold weather that just did not want to leave us. But the sun is out now and it is starting to warm up some.

So now let us step back and think of everything we have to be thankful for. First of all we have our power line crews that work around the clock to get the power up and running. And then there is the highway and road crews that kept our streets and highways clear and last our police service that kept an eye on everything so that we would be safe. So in looking back on all of this we sure do have a lot to be thankful for.

So hopefully now we can now enjoy the rest of the winter months without too many more setbacks and be thankful for the people that look after the power lines and roadways and our policing service that all do a great job in this great province of ours to keep it up and running.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow

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