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LETTER: Where is the real representation?

I wrote to Pictous mayor and each of the towns councillors in late December 2017 regarding Veterans Drive. Only the mayor replied to the letter. None of the four town councillors had the courtesy of even acknowledging my concerns or that they got my email.

Mr. Mansour’s recent proposal for the Veterans Drive situation – of removing the barricade and making the street entirely two-way and installing speed bumps free and putting in a three-way stop at Hector Avenue and Veterans Drive – is a great idea. It will save the town money, but apparently not “FACE”.

No matter what is done, traffic tickets must be issued and not warnings. Counting will not help in this case.

Veterans Drive should return to its two-way traffic status, and lets move on to the real business of running our community.

It appears like we elected Mayor Jim Ryan who will do whatever he decides to do, right or wrong.

Apparently Mayor Ryan decides what will be on the town council agendas and does not consider the concerns of town residents. There is a process where residents’ concerns must go through town staff and then be passed on to HIM to decide if it gets on the agenda.

The mayor and councillors were quick to ask for votes while indicating how important residents’ concerns are – until they got elected. They quickly forget how the previous town council was not re-elected.

As a citizen and lifetime resident of the Town of Pictou, I am tired of watching our elected officials making stupid decisions of wasting and freely spending our taxpayer money.

I also see that our tax assessments have arrived in the mail and our tax assessments have again increased. I am tired of hearing our town council bragging about holding our tax rate while collecting more money from our taxpayers. Our tax rate should be lowered and our “intelligent” elected council should find real ways of controlling OUR towns tax dollars.

I am really getting tired of all the BS from our town council.

If the mayor and/or councillors would like to discuss these matters with me, they can call to set up an appointment and I’ll put it on my agenda… maybe.

Darryl Wong


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