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Mental health patients must have local services

To the editor, Mental Health is a sickness and must be treated as such and in a hometown setting where a family member or loved one can visit the patient. And in no way should the person be transferred away from their hometown setting.

So now tell me why this eight-bed unit at the Aberdeen Hospital is closing and transferring patients to who knows where and away from their hometown and loved ones. And you now tell us you are going into the planning mode to recruit doctors and RNs and LPNs. But in knowing the Nova Scotia health system as we do they will use any excuse to do as they please.

And after reading this news I would say that once it is closed it will be gone for good. So I think it is time to put on their thinking caps and come up with a plan to keep the eight beds open. For mental health is an illness and must be treated in a hometown setting not in some other place. So I say to Mr. Purvis do your job and get the people in place to keep the unit open.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow

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