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Say “No” to Ottawa’s tax changes

Don’t let writing letters to the editor become a dying art.
Don’t let writing letters to the editor become a dying art.

To the Editor:

It’s time your provincial government stood up for family businesses, including doctors, and opted out of the federal government’s tax grab against them.

Often, when I ask small business owners what they want from government, they say quite simply, “Get out of the way!” The same is true for healthcare professionals who have to go to work every day trying to deal with the NSHA.

Opting out of Trudeau’s latest tax grab is the least we can do to support them.

Last summer, business owners sounded the alarm on the impact these changes would have. They felt blindsided. Doctors were equally as blunt: the toxic tag-team of federal and provincial Liberal moves is creating a negative environment. Some doctors have had enough – they’re leaving. Others are retiring earlier than planned.

This was headline news last summer. It’s about to be back. In four months, the small business tax changes will kick in and, one way or another, you will feel it. You will see it reflected in the price you pay at a local store or, maybe, another family doctor will leave your community.

Nova Scotia is not as powerless as your premier might have you believe.

We have an option – we can opt out of these changes. Provinces like Saskatchewan and Manitoba are already considering doing so.

Why isn’t Stephen McNeil standing up for all of us and saying “No” to these changes?

I can’t see a good reason. What I can see is that we need more family businesses, not less. And we need more doctors, not less.

Maybe the McNeil Liberals are quietly rubbing their hands in anticipation of collecting more tax money, but I urge them to consider the cost. The cost of losing another job, or business, or doctor is very high. As a Progressive Conservative, I stand for lower taxes.

This is our chance to send a positive message to small business owners, doctors, and other professionals that we want and need you here.

Let’s do it.

Tim Houston

MLA for Pictou East and leadership candidate for the PC Party of Nova Scotia.

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