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Special Olympics a great opportunity for region

For 50 years, the Special Olympics have brightened our hearts and strengthened our communities. This year our neighboring municipality will be hosting the 2018 summer games. This event will bring over 3,000 spectators to Northern Nova Scotia along with over 900 athletes and 290 coaches. I am blessed to have a number of constituents participating in the summer games as well as athletes from surrounding constituencies here in Pictou County.

This event is a great opportunity for our region, as it will highlight the beauty of our area across the nation and even beyond. Sports have the power to unite us all, to remind us that we are not that different from each other. Sports have the power to bring communities together and help create opportunity for all.

To all our athletes, all your hard work and dedication has paid off as you proudly represent Pictou County. Our county has a steep history of renowned athletes such as yourselves. This is your time to shine and show your county, province and nation what you are made of.

I hope you return from the games with fond memories and life-long friendships. All the best from Pictou West.

Karla MacFarlane,
MLA Pictou West

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