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The law must take control, not the church

Don’t let writing letters to the editor become a dying art.
Don’t let writing letters to the editor become a dying art.

To the Editor:

The law, not the Roman Catholic Church, must step in to take the pedophiles within the church to task for their criminal activities towards children, boys and girls. The law is clear regarding these matters and Pope Francis, Cardinals, Bishops and priests must face the consequences, and not pretend they are above the law. The church cannot hide these horrific offenses and the latest words from the pope and other church officials sound empty as they reveal that yes, offenses took place and remain a huge problem, while attempting to ask for forgiveness. I fail to recognize that the request will heal the wounds of these victims of sexual abuse.

Is anyone listening to the crying and the on-going effects of these abuses that will affect the lives of thousands? Does the Roman Catholic Church, not the only religious denomination to have been accused of such crimes, really believe that they, and only they, are in charge of such investigations?   

The ‘statutes of limitations’ should not enter into it, as the law has been broken, and sexual offenses must be brought to the forefront and those responsible be brought to justice, tried and punished. The R.C. Church has expressed concern, but do they mean they regret the loss of clergy, or are they genuinely concerned about the welfare of the abused youngsters?

Pope Francis has released a three-page letter and laments that the clergy has indeed performed these heinous crimes, but fails to mention that the law of the land must take charge. Feeling regret is wonderful, but does absolutely nothing to heal the children. Some closure must be forthcoming in order for them to live their lives in some sort of contentment.

Gerard Veldhoven

New Glasgow, N.S.

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