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Will Sean Fraser tow the Trudeau line?

I am writing concerning our local MP’s position on the proposed Liberal Tax changes for small business owners. I have emailed him twice on the issue and I have not received any substantive response. I know many other small business owners in Pictou County have also been waiting in silence for his position.

I have practiced law in Pictou County for 19 plus years. I joined a sole practitioner right out of law school and over time grew my practice. Over the years many clients came to me for help and advice starting their small business. Through hard work and dedication (and many years making little money) they grew their businesses and supported their families. These individuals did not have EI to fall back on, they do not have a pension, they had to purchase their own private health and dental coverage. As they became established they saved within their corporations for their retirement and to insulate their businesses (and employees) against a rough patch. They also saved money to educate their children. Now Justin Trudeau wants to tax what they have saved and further tax what they earn.

The government would receive this tax when they retired and used the funds to live but Justin Trudeau wants it now. But if you are running 30 billion dollar per year deficits with no end in sight (instead of the promised ten billion) I guess to no one’s surprise you to go to the old Liberal tax and spend playbook.

At least Liberal MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette has taken a position. He supports it fully. He has been quoted as saying "You can't have people sitting behind in their gated communities and saying, 'Well, you know, Let them eat cake." Perhaps our local MP can direct me to these gated communities filled with wealthy business owners in Pictou County. Where are they?

Our local MP Mr. Fraser has an annual salary of $170,000.00 per year (plus benefits, pension, severance allowances etc.). I feel quite comfortable in saying that the vast majority of small business owners in our constituency do not come remotely close to receiving a salary from their business in this range.  

When a position is taken by Mr. Fraser, I am sure our local business community will be happy to hear from him. Will he back them or tow the Trudeau line? Perhaps a meeting can be held in one of the gated communities where they all live their extravagant lifestyles eating cake to discuss the issue?

Yours truly,

Craig Clarke

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