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LETTER: Accuracy to the argument

Re: "Wood studs and wood chips – the rest of the story" published July 11.
To the editor,
Mr. Wilson must have access to logs unlike any we see here on the west coast. I have been involved with sawing logs for 50 years and have never heard of 80 per cent lumber recovery. Typically, 35 per cent of each log becomes chips and, depending on the size of lumber produced, another seven per cent becomes sawdust. More comes off if the lumber needs to be planed. Hence 55-60 per cent is good recovery. 
Granted, there are mills in China who are extracting tiny pieces of lumber and get greater recovery, but this is only possible when the wages paid are a pittance. 
It would be beneficial to the discussion if those promoting a particular viewpoint extended the courtesy of accuracy to their argument.
Brian Brown
Manager, Fibre & Log Supply
Riverside Forest Products Inc.
Surrey, BC

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