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LETTER: Replacing the local station


There is an old saying, “when one door closes, another opens.” I feel this is the case of radio station 94.1. I have found something better – 98.9 Antigonish radio station.

94.1 you have taken our local daily news, weather, sports and funeral announcements. You have also taken away Sunday church services. Do the people who are unable to get out to church deserve this? No, they deserve better. After listening to endless days of Christmas music, it was time to find something better.

In 98.9 they have local news every hour, weather, sports and funeral announcements not once, a day, but twice a day at noon. and 5 p.m.

98.9 station plays nothing but hits, a pure pleasure to listen to, once again there is dancing in the kitchen, something 94.1 has not provided in a very long time. If you are a country fan, once again nothing but hits, another pure pleasure to listen to.

Sorry 94.1 you totally missed the boat this time. Maybe someone should get out on the street to find out what your listeners would like to hear, if you have any listeners left. I am now a dedicated listener of 98.9 along with many of my family and friends.

Ann Shaw


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