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LETTER: There is still good taking place at the Aberdeen Hospital

Kristen Lipscombe, senior adviser for media relations for the Nova Scotia Health Authority, confirmed Dr. Theresa Vienneau has stepped away from her role as Psychiatry Department head, Northern Zone.
Aberdeen Hospital

As I sit and read The News today, March 1, I see where Edna Fraser from the Garden of Eden has taken the time to give the Aberdeen Hospital a nod for great care during her recent stay.

I thought, I need to take the time and add to that nod. Our family is living the aftermath of our 35-year-old daughter suffering a stroke. She is recovering amazingly thanks in great part to the compassionate and professional care provided to her during a 34-day stay at the Aberdeen Hospital (and all of the prayers and support from our incredible community of friends and neighbours).

Unfortunately, the world that we live in focuses so much on negative these days it seems to overshadow and eat up all of the good that happens every single day. Our system in Nova Scotia is over burdened and there is so much to be done on all fronts of health and wellness, our government will be busy until the end of time. But, there is still good taking place.

To our wonderful family doctor and friend Chris Elliott that is always there for our family, thank you. To the nurses of 4th medicine, and you all know who you are, you will always have a very special place in our prayers and hearts. To Tracy and her crew in physio, you were a part of her first move towards a complete recovery, which we are sure will happen. To Katie, helping her with her first words were incredible! Thank you seems to be so little but it comes from the bottom of our hearts!

So to all of us that are lucky enough to be a part of the wonderful community of Pictou County and to have the services provided by the Aberdeen Hospital, be grateful. Don’t forget that our doctors and nurses are not the architects of the problems in our system today but they have to work in it every day. Take the time to thank them.

Thank you from

The Wilson crew – John, Brenda, Erica, Chase and Lindsay & especially Brittany!

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