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Boxer Brody Blair wins again in front of Pictou County fans

Brody Blair got his fifth pro win in front of a home crowd on March 30. He remains undefeated in his pro career.
Brody Blair remains undefeated in his pro career after winning in front of a home crowd on March 30. - Brendan Ahern

PICTOU COUNTY – The crowd was enthusiastic, the sponsorship was good and the entertainment exactly what he hoped for. But if there’s one thing Brody Blair wishes was different, it’s that his own fight had lasted longer.

Blair, who had organized the event had the last fight of the night, but his opponent Eduardo Flores Cangas from Mexico bowed out after two rounds in what was supposed to be a six-round fight.

“I don’t really know what to say. I was really disappointed,” said Blair.

Blair dominated in the first two rounds and had landed a few big shots in the second round, which he believes might have broke his opponent’s will. Also, just as the bell rang to end the second round, Blair had thrown a punch which appeared in video to land slightly after the bell. Blair said he was in the moment and thought the punch landed right at the bell. He was taken off guard when he found out that Cangas was calling it quits.

“I was kind of at a loss for words.”

Still, it improves his pro record to 5-0 and he’s pleased with how the event went as a whole.


“The matchups were awesome. I think the crowd really enjoyed the fight,” Blair said.

He said he’s thankful for all the support Pictou County has shown so far from sponsors, to volunteers to people buying tickets.

“It seems that boxing took a little bit of a lull for a few years. It really is coming back. People are really starting to enjoy it.”

Blair won’t get much time to rest. He’s already scheduled to fight in Cape Breton on May 18. He said he hopes to get about five or six fights in a year.

It’s a bit early to say for sure yet, but he is keeping open to the idea of holding more bouts at the Pictou County Wellness Centre in the future.

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