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Golfers set to tackle Abercrombie

Provincial men’s four-ball championship taking place this weekend


The course in in good shape, all that matters now is that Mother Nature co-operates.

With the weather forecast calling for showers this weekend (40 per cent chance of rain Saturday, 30 per cent Sunday), the provincial men’s four-ball golf championship takes place at Abercrombie Golf Club.

A total of 17 teams from Pictou County – the vast majority of them Abercrombie members – will compete in the 36-hole Four Ball format, which has attracted a total of 59 teams from around Nova Scotia.

Jonathan Garron, director of golf at Abercrombie, said course superintendent Erik MacPherson and his staff have been working extra hours to make sure the course is in good shape for the weekend.

“Erik and his guys gave been spending extra time, rolling and cutting the greens to get them in championship condition.”

This marks the 52nd year that the NSGA has hosted the championship and players not completely familiar with Abercrombie spent the latter part of the week getting used to the nuances of the 99-year-old course.

Garron was making no predictions, but indicated there are at least a couple of teams capable of contending for the provincial championship.

“We have a good contingent of golfers from Abercrombie, (and we have a couple of teams that have an opportunity to compete (for a title).”


Four-ball Format: Teams of two each play the hole, and they use the best score on that particular hole.

• The Abercrombie Country Club has hosted a number of provincial and national championships including the 2015 Canadian Men's Mid-Amateur championship. Abercrombie will also host the 2019 Men's Amateur as part of the clubs 100th anniversary celebration.

• This is the 52nd year that the NSGA has hosted the Men’s Four-Ball championship.

Local teams taking part in this weekend’s Championship
• Jeff Burrows (Abercrombie)    
Mark Ansems (The Links at Penn Hills)
• Dale Bigney (Abercrombie)
David MacDonald (Glen Lovat GC)                                  

• Dwaine Bishop (Abercrombie)
Tony Gill (Abercrombie)                                  

• Ron Carlyle (Abercrombie)
Greg Robley (Abercrombie)                                  

• John David Coffin (Abercrombie)
David Holle (Abercrombie)                                  
• Jeff Fraser (Abercrombie)
Ben Cameron (Abercrombie)                                  
• Jim Henderson (Abercrombie)
Mike MacDonald (Abercrombie)                                  
• Bruce Horne (Abercrombie)
Glenn MacLean (Abercrombie)                                  
• Dale Jenkins (Abercrombie)
Darrell Beattie (Abercrombie)                                  
• Lawrence Lecreux (Abercrombie)
John Thompson (Abercrombie)                                  
• Jim MacDonald (Abercrombie)
Clarke Savage (Abercrombie)                                  
• Scott Nicholson (Abercrombie)
Mike Nicholson (NSPPC)                                  
• Ted Peters (Abercrombie)
Wayne Brow (Abercrombie)                                  
• John Pitt (Abercrombie)
Doug Cyr (Abercrombie)                                  
• Kevin Scott (Abercrombie)
Adam Sheparski (Abercrombie)                                  
• Robert Snell (Abercrombie)
Tyler Stright (Abercrombie)                             
• Josh Stright (Abercrombie)
Kyle Bourgeois (Abercrombie)    

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